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The Studio that comes to you


For a limited time our Photography sessions are £75, per session,  plus one free photograph of 16 x 12 of your choice,   (this does not apply to permanent studios that have to be hired), within a 10 -mile radius of Witney Oxfordshire.  Before the photography session starts it is our policy that our terms and conditions of business are signed. Provided you have a large space I would recommend, 12’ X 12, I can set up a portable studio using our lights and backdrop.  I have found that some of our clients prefer this rather than entering a permanent studio.  The advantages of this are I will come to you.  You are in your own environment and it would be far easier for you to choose your props with out carrying them to a studio.  If you are having your children or pets photographed, I have found that children and pets prefer to be in their home environment where they are more relaxed.  The other advantage is that after the formal portrait shoot, you are in your natural environment, with this opportunity we can also go straight ahead and photograph you in your natural environment if you wish us to do so.


The choice is yours a portable studio setup in your own home, or why not just use the natural interior of your home. Another alternative is on location environmental portraiture.  This could be one of your favourite places, i.e. Ruins, Church, favourite building we have photographed in several hotels or a pubs with nice interior, with a background landscape or a town centre such as Oxford.  Another idea perhaps you belong to a club or play a sport I can photograph you doing this. 



Before the photographic shoot think about the clothing that you would like to wear.  You can have several out fits changing at home is not a problem.




I would like your photographic shoot to be relaxed and for you to enjoy.  I would suggest that you allow at least a couple of hours.


After the photography

During the photography I will probably show you some of the photographs that I have taken. Afterwards I will go away and edit the various photographs.  I will make a further appointment to come back and see you in about 10 days.  This would then be the time to view the photographs on a laptop and choose the one’s that you like.



Once you have chosen the photographs that you like, and want to go ahead with the order.  The full payment will be required before the order can be processed.  If you are paying by cash, the order will be put in for processing right away.  Paying by cheque the order will be processed once the cheque has been cleared.



At the moment our photography sessions are a reasonable price and without any obligation to buy, further photographs if you choose not to. Our photographic work and frames are of a high quality.

For a basic photographic shoot with in the local area of Witney the cost is £75 and you can choose a 12 x 16 photograph free of charge.


Please Note

The prices quoted are only with the set frames that we deal with.  I can offer another set of frames that are popular with our services, but it would be at an adjusted price. ?



Event Photography
Maybe you have a birthday party or a special social event, and would like to take the responsibility and pressure of photographing the event out of your hands.  With this package you can just relax and enjoy the event. We are very reasonably priced, and are able to offer you various bespoke packages. Packages start from £50.00 per hour, why not give me a call.
Wedding Photography
I like to specialize in the smaller wedding or second time around. Working with you I like to get to know you as a couple.  This way you get to know how I work with the camera and I get to know how to work with you and bring out the best in a photo shoot.  One thing I would like to point out is that all good wedding photography is posed and it is up to you to make the best out of the opportunity. Secondly I am open minded and am open to ideas.  What ever bespoke package we agree on, I always like to offer you a pre- portrait photo shoot on location this would be included in the agreed price. Packages start from £299.
Small family christenings bespoke packages start at around £150, depending on what you would like us to do.  
Corporate Portraiture
The choice is yours a portable studio setup in your company/business, or why not just use the natural interior of your business. 
For this service our special rate is £100 per the hour.
New service Videos 
Why not have a small video made, that you can put on to your website where; you can tell people about your company.
We can offer you this service for as little as £50. why not give us a call, and see what we can do for you.